(or Three Bears and a Sheep)

Being a pictorial account of the adventures of Shaun, Tetley, Allen & Grizzly, in the mountains, hills and countryside of Northern England, and accompanied from March 2008 by Little Eric, and from September 2013 by Southey.

as transcribed by Dad (Gerry Ball)

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Shaun,Tetley,Allen,Grizzly,Little Eric & Southey completed the Bowland Challenge on 25th November 2015-Pendle Hill
Little Eric completed his Wainwright Outlyer challenge on 26 June 2014-Bannisdale Horseshoe-north
Shaun, Tetley, Allen & Grizzly completed the Birkett challenge on 14 August 2013-Upper Eskdale & Pen
Little Eric completed his Howgill challenge on 9 June 2013-
Langdale Knott
Allen achieved 1000 summits on 3 February 2013-Casterton, Fellfoot Road & Whittington
Grizzly achieved 1000 summits on 31 August 2011
-Great Borne & Starling Dodd
Shaun, Tetley, Allen & Grizzly completed the Howgill challenge on 3 November 2010-Linghaw
Allen completed his Wainwright challenge on 19 August 2010-
Grisedale Pike